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A new company with a rich pedigree.  At JR Builders, we bring over 20 years of on-site construction and renovation experience to the table. With this level of experience, it allows us to be prepared for anything and to execute our clients’ needs with efficiency at an expert level of detail.  In creating this company, we sought to take the very best aspects of our previous work experiences and combine them to create a new structure with a unique vision.  A well-oiled machine with a family feel, we place a strong emphasis on honesty, integrity, and hard work, and are devoted to serving our community with these same values.

Whether you’re seeking new construction, renovation, or demolition, JR Builders will be there with our team of master craftsmen to deliver your dream exactly as you imagined it.  Our artisans work at any time and in any weather to ensure our clients receive the highest quality services at the best prices.  And we work FAST!  Whatever your construction needs might be, JR Builders has the solutions.  Contact us now to start working today, and bring the build of your dreams one step closer to reality.

James F. Romano has been working in the Hawaii construction industry for close to 20 years. In 2003, James joined the Carpenter’s Union as a framer building track homes. There he learned the importance of speed and accuracy. In 2006 he worked in the historical Ford Island for two years. During this time, he worked on the renovation and new structures of commercial projects. With this experience, he learned the versatility of ground-up construction from grading to steelwork and masonry. From 2008 until the present day he worked at Tripler Hospital where he did ground-up commercial projects and renovations. At Tripler, James developed meticulous actions of cleanliness and germ control. He has supervised notable projects such as the Tripler Nutrition Center, the renovation of the MRI center, and major ICU renovations.

James focuses on completing projects and has exceeded the expectations of his clients. He believes in ethics, hard work, and keeping his word. The customer’s satisfaction is an important aspect of all his projects; he won’t leave a project until his client is 100% satisfied.

With JR Builders, James has created a team of like-minded professionals who he leads with an emphasis on good work ethics. His mission is to bring his client’s dream to life with emphasis on efficiency, accuracy, and hard work. He and his team value their clients and the projects they do. With JR Builders, we’re here to make dreams come true.